Case Studies

  • Management of Soil Contamination

    Management of Soil Contamination


    Our partner in Mongolia carried out the cleanup and disinfection of the garbage dump, and treated outdoor toilets and polluted soil using EM Technology in order to improve environmental hygiene. more

  • Flood relief supply for cleaning

    Flood relief supply for cleaning


    After a disastrous flood destroyed cities and towns in Europe, EM was immediately prepared and provided to the devastated areas to help cleaning. more

  • Eco-friendly Toilets at a Festival

    Eco-friendly Toilets at a Festival


    Earth Toilet Project in Poland! Microbial portable toilets were installed in a festival site. more

  • Earth Toilet Project

    Earth Toilet Project


    "Earth Toilet Project" is an eco-conscious activity to attain an odorless portable toilet by degrading excrement with the power of microbes. more

  • Self Sustainable Zoo

    Self Sustainable Zoo


    Curacao Zoo is known for being an eco-friendly zoo where visitors can learn and experience about animals and nature. They are using EM Technology and achieved a sustainable zoo and healthier animals. more

  • EM Happy Animals

    EM Happy Animals

    Russian Federation

    The NGO Museum of Wildlife - Zoo Sadgorod in Russia is a scientific and cultural-educational institution, which keeps animals of local fauna and exotic animals from different parts of the world. They are fighting problems of bad odors and hygienic condition using EM products. more

  • EM Bathing for Healing Mind and Body

    EM Bathing for Healing Mind and Body


    An EM fermented bath is available in Ibaraki Prefecture to detox and cleanse your body. more

  • EM for Dry Cleaning

    EM for Dry Cleaning


    A dry cleaning shop that has found the power of natural soap and EM, and provide laundry service that is people and environmentally friendly. more

  • Bad odor vanishes from a rubber factory

    Bad odor vanishes from a rubber factory

    Sri Lanka

    By adding EM, ammonia smell was gone from a rubber factory. more

  • 4 Reasons Hospitals Choose EM

    4 Reasons Hospitals Choose EM


    One of the hospitals referred to Low cost, eco-friendly, deodorant, and catalyst for healthy environment in- and out of the hospitals as the reasons why they keep using EM. This is a good example of EM life where you use EM abundantly everywhere from toilets to rooms and gardens. Through water path and drainage, sewage is treated by EM. Therefore, it is eco-friendly. more

  • Effective Microorganisms Suppressing Infection

    Effective Microorganisms Suppressing Infection


    Since 1983 EM has been applied for suppressing odor and cleaning at this hospital. At one point, EM technical officer was dispatched to help the hospital staff improve EM application skills. The hotel has been even odor-less since then and effective for inhibiting hospital infections. more

  • Travels on Green Cleaning Japan's Bullet Train

    Travels on Green Cleaning Japan's Bullet Train


    The beginning of the story goes employee of Japan Railway East tried using EM for suppressing odors of garbage. Today the company has applied EM for keeping their garbage separation station odor-less. EM has been used also for cleaning shinkansen both inside and outside. What is the detail of effect? Is it cost efficient to use EM? more