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The Most Popular Lunch at Casa Verde

18 Jul 2013

For the second consecutive year, the restaurant Casa Verde at the EM Hotel Costa Vista Okinawa is proud of being the top on sale of Lunch tickets at COOP Okinawa, the co-op supermarket chain. COOP Okinawa sales discount lunch tickets of the most famous resort hotels in Okinawa. 

This news has been published in the local newspaper Ryukyu Shimpo, with the top ranking and details of Casa Verde. 

Casa Verde provides about 30 different types of vegetables and meat, most of them EM grown. 

Some of the chefs works directly in the buffet floor making EM brown rice balls and advising on the best combination of dressing for the vegetables and other attractive plates. 

The master chef visits the EM Research Organization's own managed farm to select and pick the best ingredients for the dishes.