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Cleanup Day in Enbu City, Kenya

8 Jul 2013
A cleanup event held held last May 25th for the 13th year in Embu city, Kenya.
Approximately 300 persons including students of the Tenri primary school, polytechnic school, members of  local companies, residents and volunteers, participated in the event collecting garbage from the streets and cleaning public toilets.
The Mayor of Embu city also participated in the event opening ceremony and the city office has fully supported this activity as well. 
For cleaning five public toilets, Activated EM-1 and EM Bokashi were used so that the pungent smells, such as ammonia, were immediately eliminated.
The participants enjoyed doing the cleanup work.


This cleanup event was also performed in neighboring towns called Ena and Meru the same day.
Environmental activities like this cleanup event is expanding and gathering more residents involved in throughout Kenya.



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