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International Environment Day in Sudan

26 Jul 2013

The celebration of the International Environment Day, June 5th, in Sudan was throughout the whole month of June 2013.
Our partner, MOROUG EM SUDAN, has participated in these celebrations in Jazeera state in three local councils (Kamleen, Hasaheesa, and Wed madani).

Jazeera State is the biggest agricultural state in Sudan, and most areas are rural.
EM application concentrated on environmental  bio- remediation through two days. The treatment was done by using EM Mudballs and Activated EM-1.

On June 2nd, they started with the local council of kamleen and had a meeting with the governor and the heads of different departments to discuss on EM use in environmental fields. 
On main slaughtery house, how to get rid of bad odors, flies and converting the waste into organic fertilizers by using Activated EM-1 and EM Mudballs.
At school and domestic houses, application on pit-latrines EM Mudballs and Activated EM-1.
They also had a meeting at the Hasaheesa local council with the governor to talk about EM and start applications on the sewage system of the biggest Holy Quran School and its hostels. 
And they did demonstration on the main slaughtery house to control odors and sludge using EM Mudballs and spraying Activated EM-1.

On June 3rd, our partner spend the day in Wad- Madani the head quarter of Jazeera State. 
They had a meeting with the minister of environment of Jazeera state and arranged the application on a big fish market to control odors and flies that was affected the neighboring residential areas. 
This application was done by spraying Activated EM-1.
At the Bender Elementary school, they treated the sewage system to solve the accumulation of sludge and bad odors, flies. They used EM Mudballs and Activated EM-1.

After 24 hours, our partner was informed that all demonstrations gave a very good result. 
The minister of environment of Jazeera State adopted the recommendation of EM as a solution for most environmental problems and also adopted by the ministers council of Jazeera State.


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