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EM Model Farm in Vietnam

1 Aug 2013

Bao Chau Farm located in the suburbs of Hanoi, Vietnam has started using EM to treat the sawdust of the hog pens since four years ago. 
The owner, Mr. Thang, is applying Activated EM-1 and EM5 (sutochu) diluted in a rate of 1:500 aiming a clean environment free of odors an flies in the hog pen. The pigs are feed only with corn, rice bran, soybean, cassava, beer lees fermented with EM. Compared with commercial feed, the use of EM fermented feed can reduce costs. Thank to the EM feed, pork meat is popular because of the sweet taste of fat.


There is also a chicken farm applying the same system as the pig farm. Chicken production is mainly for consumption of the local people.
This farm is also featured on TV and become famous as a model farm for growing good food, pesticide-free, and friendly to the environment and health.


They also grow organic vegetables applying EM technology and making EM compost from the sawdust of the hog pen.  


In October 2012, Mr. Thang established a meat processing plant where EM is applied for drainage. The waste water treated with EM flows into ponds.
EM grown meat and vegetables are sold as their own brand and are gaining popularity. 


Today, they are also expanding into fish farming as well. 

The efforts of Mr. Thang have been recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture as a remarkable model farm. 

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