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Annual Cleanup Event in Nihonbashi, Tokio

12 Aug 2013

On July 28th, the historical bridge named "Nihonbashi" in Tokio, was washed up as an annually event organized by the Nihonbashi Preservation Society for the purpose of beautification and protection of the bridge. 
This is a summer event to preserve the tradition of the bridge Nihonbashi.

From children to the elderly participated in this event that marks the number 43th this year with the collaboration of private companies, public entities and neighbors.

The bridge is washed using EM soap and scrub brushes. 
Further, as every year since 2005, EM mudballs are pumped into the river that flows under the bridge.
Since then, 
water quality has improved significantly as well as the waterfowl habitat.

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Movie of the Cleanup event held in 2011:
Nihonbashi Cleanup Event 2011