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EM Activities in Sri Lanka

2 Feb 2015

The late professor Sangakkara had been dedicated to this researches and professors taking over his work, are currently collaborating with SEED, our official partner in Sri Lanka.

In the Animal husbandry department, a considerable area is dedicated to grow ten different type of animals including crocodiles.




These are the views from an organic farmer.

The rice paddy has an area closed by windbreaker forest to assure the organic cultivated area.The leaf vegetables harvest.They make high quality EM fermented plant extract using five types of leaves, peppers and garlic. The extract is very strong and smell good for the use in prevent pest and harmful insects.



This is the biggest Beer Brewery company in Sri Lanka. They use EM Technology to treat sewage water and set a recycling system to make compost with the organic residue produce during the process. The EM compost is made for sale.

Further, a textile company is using EM Technology as a pilot test to treat the bad odors and quality of the sewage water pond. 


For further information, please contact our partner in Sri Lanka at:

EM Technology Unit, SEEDS (Gte) Ltd
No. 31, Muthuhenawatta Rd. Dikhetepma, Godagama, Meegoda,
Sri Lanka
Tel: +94-11-5749736
E-mail: emunit@seeds.lk
URL: http://www.seeds.lk
Contact: Mr. Shantha Jayasuriya