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  • EM Partners Meeting for Eastern Europe
    EM Partners Meeting for Eastern Europe

    Twenty one partners from Germany, Swistzerland, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Turkey, Eslovenia, Moldova, Czech republic, Estonia, Croatia and representatives from EM Research Organization Headquarters in Japan and EMRO Germany, gathered in Janowiec, Poland to take part in the EM Producer and EM Partners in Eastern Europe Meeting....

  • EM Get Together Event
    EM Get Together Event

    The EM Get Together Event held in Okinawa from September 14th to 16th with the participation of 51 partners, families and friends coming from 13 different countries. ...

  • EM Health Lecture in Europe

    Approaches to EM Technology in Medicine has been raised since the beginning of the 21st century. ...

  • EM Roses at Swedish Prince Marriage
    EM Roses at Swedish Prince Marriage

    This is a double happy news!
    When the Swedish Prince Carl Philip got married last June, the backdrop of the main banquet table was covered with roses from Ethiopia grown with EM compost....

  • BIO Taiwan 2015 - Exhibition

    Bio Taiwan 2015 held in Taipei from July 23 to 26.
    EM Research Organization in collaboration with the business partner in Taiwan, Glorious Trading Co, Ltd, exhibited the EM・X GOLD in a booth part of the Okinawan products pavilion....