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EM in the World 2018 & EM Marché Event

7 Dec 2018
EM in the World 2018 & EM Marché Event
EM in the World 2018 & EM Marché event was held last November 24th to 25th, at the EM Wellness Resort Costa Vista Okinawa Hotel & Spa.

On 24th, approximately 100 people including 50 people from overseas participated in the lecture sessions.

This time, our partners from overseas introduced the history of EM in each country, overview of research, and case studies.
Furthermore, Dr. Yoshimi Tanaka explained “How to improve quality of sleep” as a special lecture.

At the end of the lectures, Dr. Teruo Higa expressed why he started promoting EM in the world and commented his appreciation to our overseas partners.

The 1st day of the event ended with a get together party. Our partners from Latin America were dressed in cute traditional costumes, and they all enjoyed talking over about EM.

On 25th, various vendors were selling EM vegetables as well as healthy organic meals and baked goods.

The EM workshops showing the use of EM in household and pets, soil preparation for tomatoes seedlings, were packed with enthusiastic people.
In addition, children enjoyed making misanga bracelets using EM ceramics, architecture origami, wood puppet and more at the handicrafts workshops.

Both events were successful and crowded with EM lovers. Thank you so much for your attendance!