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Miracles of Microbes Event in Bangkok, Thailand

6 Jun 2017
Miracles of Microbes Event in Bangkok, Thailand
The event "Miracles of Microbes" will be held on June 11th (Sun) in Rangsit University, Bangkok, Thailand.

General Pichate Wisaijorn, expert in Royal Thai Army projects appling EM Techhology and MD. Yoshimi Tanaka from Japan, will be present to give special lectures.

In this opportunity, EM grown shrimp foods and variety of EM agricultural products will be also available.   

Event details:

Rangsit University

09:00 Registration to the seminar
09:30 Nature Farming with EM technology - Lectured by General Pichate Wisaijorn
10:15 Coffee break & snacks
10:30 Lecture by General Pichate Wisaijorn
11:00 The Wonders of Health - Lecture by MD. Yoshimi Tanaka (with Thai translator)
12:15 Lunch

13:30 Agricultural products and foods available

------- For special guests only -------

14:00 Special Lecture from real experiences 
Natural healing powers and Q&A - Lectured by MD. Yoshimi Tanaka

For further information, please contact:
Tel: 036-670 443, 081-948 9140, 082-351 5201