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River and Landscape Restoration Project in Israel

1 Nov 2016
River and Landscape Restoration Project in Israel
A restoration and reconstruction of river and landscapes project in Israel testing EM Technology was highlighted in a major newspaper article.

This restoration project for rivers and landscapes was launched by the Department of Environmental Science Division of the Nature and Parks Authority.

The accumulation of herbicides for 30-40 years made the land sterile to the point not even invading vegetation growing in it.
In the first stage of the project, the challenge was to explore how to restore the local wild flora, with winter floods limitations - to have strongly established plants, with their roots deep and spread enough, so they will not wash away when winter floods arrive, and this with a limited cultivation time of the summer months only, and in the stressful and very hot climate.

Botanist experts collected seeds from the stream and similar areas and the seeds have been sprouted in the nursery.

Pilot project included different test plots - EM, active carbon, chemical treatment, and un-treated control.

EM came out to give the best solution of growth, but also of for local seed bank germination.

Further work with EM for this nature reserve was approved after the success of this pilot.

A paper about this project was also presented, by Mr. Asher Maimon from EM Israel, at the Universal Village 2016 environmental conference in Nagoya Japan.

Youtube movie for the UV2016 presentation, in English - in this link
And the article in the news portal, Hebrew only - in this link.

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