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EM Compost in Holland

13 Sep 2013

Ten Brinke is a company in Flevoland, Holland that provides crop production services, seeds, solid and liquid fertilizers and related products.

Because Flevoland was originally an undersea land, the soil quality is rich in white and gray clay. They have a contract with Agro-Vital, an associated company of Agriton, our partner in Holland. Since they realized that tulip bulbs growth increase with the application of EM as well as the yield of onions, they started to dedicate actively on the composting applying Activated EM-1 and EM Bokashi.

Furthermore, some farmers who work with Ten Brinke also use Activated EM-1, mixing straw, soil and pig manure (approximately in a ratio of: 7:2:1) for mushroom bed.

Other farmers use alternatively cow manure, instead of pig manure. These farmers also use large machines for composting, making numbers of layers alternating soil, straw, and cow manure and mixing within intervals of 3 hours. The mix is covered with a plastic sheet for fermentation process. This type of composting is very effective compared to making by hand.

For further information, please contact our partner in Holland at:

Molenstraat 10-1,8391 AJ Noordwolde,
The Netherlands
Tel: +31-561-433-115
Fax: +31-561-432-677
Email: info@agriton.nl
Web: www.agriton.com