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JETRO Assisting EMRO in Russian Business Expansion

25 Oct 2013

EM Technology started in Russia in 2002 with the coolaboration of our partner, Primorskiy EM Center in Vladivostok.

In 2007, EM products released on the russian market for application on environmental purification treatment and home garden.

In 2009, the company, President One located in St. Petersburg, was granted with the EM manufacturing and distribution as well as Primorskiy, establishing two EM manufacturing bases in Russia.

In 2010, the EM related companies mentioned above work in cooperation and in 2011 EMRO signed a new marketing agreement with BiEM in Moscow.

In July this year 2013, EM products have gaining confidence on the market and business field throughout Russia and CIS countries. Further, "EM" and "EM TECHNOLOGY" are registered trademarks in Russia through the procedures of the Madrid Protocol. 

JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) offers a service to assist in business expansion of developing countries. After consultation at Okinawa JETRO office, an expert advice EMRO and signed up an agreement by which EMRO is granted with the support service of JETRO.

These are the pictures of the press conference held on October 24, 2013.


Directors and Senior Technical Officer of EM Research Organization along with the officials of JETRO

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