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The solution to the problems we face on earth is in nature.
We aim to provide a highly sustainable system using microbial technology and to promote new methods of social contribution.

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Case Studies

  • 100% Organic and Sustainable Farm

    100% Organic and Sustainable Farm


    EM Sunshine Farm was originally,an abandoned land full of concrete debris and garbage that spoiled the soil.
    In 2011 EMRO has started managing this waste land to convert it into a totally no chemical use organic farm with the application of EM Technology.
    Kitchen waste from the EM Wellness Resort Costa Vista Okinawa Hotel & Spa is collected to make EM compost and EM feed to be used at the farm.
    Meanwhile, harvest from the EM Sunshine Farm is delivered to the Costa Vista Okinawa Hotel restaurant making possible the ideal cyclic and sustainable system farm.

  • EM Application Report from Fukushima, Japan (III)

    EM Application Report from Fukushima, Japan (III)


    Experiments on the reduction of radioactive contamination on farmland
    This report is about one of the experiments conducted in Fukushima by our R&D department in cooperation with the local fruit farmers from May 2011 to Decmber 2013. This experiment was ended when the decontamination declined by the Japanese Government started. more

  • Double Orange Yield With 40% Cost Cut

    Double Orange Yield With 40% Cost Cut


    This orange farm from Peru has used EM Technlogy for irrigation and foliar applications. They don’t use chemical fertilizer but apply EM-fermented liquid fertilizer. After the 6 years of keeping the use of EM, the orange harvest increased to 90 tons per ha. Let’s check out their secrets. more

  • What Happened to Rice Paddy Affected by Tohoku Tsunami?

    What Happened to Rice Paddy Affected by Tohoku Tsunami?


    When Tohoku earthquake and tsunami hit Fukushima, Mr. Haneda wanted to reduce radiation exposure at a local ground golf course. Activated EM-1(AEM) was abundantly sprayed over te course again and again. The result showed the reduction in the radiation readings. Then Mr. Haneda was positive to apply AEM for his rice paddy that was also contained radioactive substances. more

  • Ghost Hotel Before & After

    Ghost Hotel Before & After


    In 2002 EM Research Organization purchased a hotel to renovate by using EM Technology. The hotel buildings were so damaged that the remodel was considered unrealistic. However, it turned to be a huge success. This surprised people because the hotel used to be called one of the 'ghost' hotels in mid Okinawa. more

  • Meio and EM Institute

    Meio and EM Institute


    Perhaps, Meio is the only university in Japan in terms of collaboration with EM Research Organization in the large scale. On campus EM Institute broadcasts EM-related information, workshops, and Activated EM-1 available to the public. How are they successful? more

  • 4 Reasons Hospitals Choose EM

    4 Reasons Hospitals Choose EM


    One of the hospitals referred to Low cost, eco-friendly, deodorant, and catalyst for healthy environment in- and out of the hospitals as the reasons why they keep using EM. This is a good example of EM life where you use EM abundantly everywhere from toilets to rooms and gardens. Through water path and drainage, sewage is treated by EM. Therefore, it is eco-friendly. more

  • Better Sanitary Condition at a Refugee Camp

    Better Sanitary Condition at a Refugee Camp


    Under the leading of UNICEF, schools at the camp participated in a program to examine the effect of EM Technology on odor suppression at the toilets. The result was clear; the odor has gone or reduced significantly. Moreover, flies around toilets disappeared. Furthermore, school children were educated and became conscious about hygiene. more

  • Odor Suppression Technology at Low-cost

    Odor Suppression Technology at Low-cost


    Waste water flows to sewage plants. From the facilities, foul odor may emit. This became true and problematic in a developing city called Primavera do Leste, Brazil. There EM comes; EM Technology was used to suppress odor. The following result supports the effect and efficiency. Moreover, the application cost low. What is and how did EM Technology work at the city plant? more

  • Effective Microorganisms Suppressing Infection

    Effective Microorganisms Suppressing Infection


    Since 1983 EM has been applied for suppressing odor and cleaning at this hospital. At one point, EM technical officer was dispatched to help the hospital staff improve EM application skills. The hotel has been even odor-less since then and effective for inhibiting hospital infections. more

  • EM Equipped Shinkansen

    EM Equipped Shinkansen


    The beginning of the story goes this...an employee of Japan Railway East tried using EM for suppressing odors of garbage. Today the company has applied EM Technology for keeping their garbage separation station odor-less. The technology has been used also for cleaning shinkansen both inside and outside. What is the detail of effect? Is it cost efficient to use EM? more

  • EM Use at Monastery

    EM Use at Monastery


    Have you ever heard about a Monastery in Okinawa, Japan? The building has been recently renovated by applying EM ceramics to house materials such as walls and tatami sheet. The ceramics are used to prevent sick-house syndrome. In addition, EM Technologies are applied for gardening, home-cleaning, and recycling the organic matters at the Monastery. more