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Professor Teruo Higa

Professor Higa's Philosophy

Dr.HigaProf. Higa estimates that enough food production for 10 billion people is possible with the use of EM Technology on world-wide basis.  Actually, there are numerous reported examples of abundant harvests and unprecedented multiple crops for a wide range of products with the use of EM Technology.
He insisted  from the start that even greening deserts was possible with the application of EM Technology.  His theory is now validated by successful cases of desert-greening in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

"The world is currently facing a time of great change and upheaval", says Prof. Higa. "I believe this condition has arisen mainly because of our present civilization becoming increasingly structured along the lines of competitive principles. An excessive reliance on competition certainly does not excite feelings of generosity and sharing."(Teruo Higa, 1996). One of the most fundamental beliefs in his philosophy is 'creating a society based on co-existence and co-prosperity'. 

Prof. Higa insists that we change the present social structure based on a competitive principle to one based on co-existence and co-prosperity to solve the said problems. In order to do this, we must first solve the common problems faced by human beings - food, security, the environment, health care, and energy supply. He is hoping that EM Technology will be one of the most potent tools to respond to these problems.

Application of EM Technology in agriculture can protect the environmental and save energy because, unlike modern agriculture, it does not use excessive energy and chemicals, and does not pollute water. It can also produce safe and high-quality foods at low cost which will help improve our overall health. When used on livestock, it will suppress foul smells in livestock barns, improve the quality of meats and eggs, etc. Solving environmental pollution problems using EM Technology will also inhibit waste of resources. Some of the examples are waste water treatment via EM Technology and the creating of fertilizer by using EM Technology to treat raw kitchen garbage.

EM Technology is developing day by day and now used in various fields. Prof. Higa believes that EM Technology will help farm sustainably, protect environment and maintain people's health.

Teruo Higa (1996) An Earth Saving Revolution, 37-38


Professor Higa's Biography

Prof. Teruo Higa is a professor at Meio University and a professor emeritus at University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa. He is also the director at International EM Technology Center.

Prof. Higa was born in Okinawa, Japan in 1941 and was raised with 9 brothers and sisters. Since he was a child, he has been involved in farming and has loved growing things. He entered University of the Ryukyus to learn more about agriculture. Development of fruit cultivation appeared a promising to advance Okinawan agriculture. Therefore, following his graduation, he earned his doctorate in Horticulture at Kyusyu University Graduate School. He was researching mandarin oranges which, at the time, relied heavily on agricultural chemicals. At this time he was interested in microorganisms but advocated of the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides because with his farming experience, he knew that farming was very labor intensive, especially making good compost. While he was involved in growing oranges, he noticed a decline in his health and started to break out in rashes. These symptoms got progressively worse. After that, he made microorganisms the main focus of his research. However, in those days it was common to work with one type at a time and there were many different types of microorganisms to test. There were no results of any significance even after five years. Then, one day, a lucky accident occurred and he realized that the key was the combination. After many trials and errors, Prof. Higa discovered a perfect mix that promotes healthy plant growth and coined the name "EM" for that group.

His development of EM Technology has brought him international recognition, and now he gives guidance and assistance in the application and research of EM Technology around the world. EM Technology developed by Prof. Higa, has spread in various fields such as governmental projects and the activities in private sectors, and it is disseminated in more than 130 countries.

Major Publications (Japanese)

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Major Publications (English)

 An Earth Saving Revolution (Sunmark Publishing, Inc., 1996)
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